Gold and Good City


13 June 2020

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Marsa Alam – Gold and Good City
Marsa Alam – Elements of Attraction

Marsa Alam has gained its great tour-ist fame from the nature of its beauti-ful beaches, as well as the rich marine waters in front of it, especially what is related to the sport of fishing.

  • Marsa Alam embraces the most beautiful beaches of the world, within the scope of the Wadi El Gamal Reserve.
  • Wadi El Gamal Reserve is located on an area of 7450 km, the wild part of which extends for a distance of 4770 km, while the sea extends 2000 km, and covers 60 km from the Red Sea coast – where the most beautiful beaches are located on The coast of the Red Sea comes to tourists from different countries of the world, who love nature and tranquility from various governorates of Egypt, the two beaches of “Hanakurab” Sharm El-Luli and Qal’an.
  • The area of Hankorp or “Sharm El-Luli”, located 18 km south of Wadi El-Gamal and the Al-Qalaan area, 9 km north of Hamata village – the two beaches are characterized by the picturesque nature and not to establish any installations or any wooden work on the beach in order to preserve nature – where they possess the purity and clarity of water And white sand.
    The Hanakurab beach, “Sharm El-Luli”, was ranked among the 10 best beaches in the world, and the Middle East is a sandy beach, and coral reefs grow near it.
  • There is also a very attractive Mangrove forest, steps away from the Red Sea, which is part of the Valley of Beauty National Park, a protected area very rich in biodiversity. The mangrove forest protects the beach from coastal waves – the unquestionable Qal’an reef – the majestic mangrove tree of exotic shape – over the “lake”.
  • It also lies within the scope of Wadi El Gamal Reserve in Marsa Alam, which is a horse-shoe-like marine area, in which thousands of rotating dolphins live, so it was called the Dolphin House – “Sha’ab Samadai Reef “- and is one of the most important marine tourist attractions in the city of Marsa Alam. Where in the morning, you jump out of the water and fondle the tourists – the reef area reaches a large number of tourists especially for diving in that region, which is arrived by tourists from all over the world.
    And due to the importance of this region, the Red Sea re-serves established an administrative system and determined the location of boats parking and snorkeling to watch the dolphins, and not staying there due to the inconvenience of the dolphins. It has been described as another underwater world that can be accessed through marine launches at very minimal cost.
  • Abu Dabbab Bay & Dugongs is also located within the scope of the Wadi El Gamal Reserve in Marsa Alam, where the bay is bordered on the north and south by rock structures accompanied by distinctive and rare coral reefs, and the bottom consists of sandy soil covered with a layer of marine grass, so it was called the beach with a green bottom.
    These sandy hills were formed due to the floods that washed out of the desert, with the presence of natural phenomena in those areas that led to being a suitable and distinctive place for many marine animals in the region, the most important of which is the Dugongs, or as it is called the “Mermaid” as well as green turtles.
    Thousands of visitors from all over the world arrive there to see the mermaid and snorkel with her – she is the green turtle, where on that beach are many areas designated by the reserves as places to put the turtle house.
  • There is also the bay of “Em-bark” Marina, which is one of the most beautiful and richest bays on the coast of the Red Sea, as it is characterized by biodiversity and is a kiss for tourists of different nationalities wishing to practice diving with mermaid and sea turtles, where rare mermaid and sea turtle animals – as a place Safe for her.
    Coral reefs in the area of Marsa Mubarak are varied, where the bottom of the Gulf consists of sandy soil covered by a vast layer of marine weeds that feed on the bride of the sea “Du-gongs”, as there are small parts of the Gulf sandy hills grown due to the deviation of torrents from the desert to the beach.
  • The meteorite space – Al-Nayzak” lake – a natural pool made of unique rock formation – the residents of the region believe that it was formed by a meteorite, hitting the coast, and is located 8 km south of Marsa Alam, 20 minutes from Port Ghalib. The lake, which has a diameter of several meters in the form of an eye, is filled with turquoise Red Sea water. The pool is 8-10 meters deep.
    Al-Nayzak” lake was able to at-tract hundreds of tourists from different nationalities to practice diving and swimming because of its environmental safety. The lake, which has a total area of 5000 meters, is characterized by its pure water and depth, and most importantly, it is marine currents, which makes it safe for diving, especially in the winter, when the water is warm for a natural swimming pool in the case of tides.
  • Among the attractions and tourism there is the Mausoleum of Imam Al-Shazly – the owner of the Shazli Sufi method. The area of the mosque is 4 thousand meters and it is located in mountain of Humaithara area in the village of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly in the south of Marsa Alam.
    Wadi Al Humaithara is located at the highest peak in the region, and its height ranges between 200 to 300 meters and is located directly opposite the Al-Shazly Mosque – where the tomb of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly is located.
    Thousands of people from all over the world belong to the Shazly Sufi roads – and in 2016 the Wadi Um Samra Dam project began to protect the mosque, shrine, and village infrastructure from the dangers of torrents.
  • Don’t forget the Diabetes mine – which is located in the Jabal Sukari area located in the Nuba Desert (part of the Eastern Desert) south of the city of Marsa Alam, 30 km from it – in the southernmost region of the giratine plateaus; The area of the mine is 160 square kilometers.
    Egypt is considered the first gold mine in the modern era, and this industry has a field for expansion in Egypt – just as Egypt was known in the past as a source of gold, and it shows one of the oldest available maps, a mine in the same location – and it is considered to be ranked among the top 10 gold mines in the world.