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Marsa Alam


3500 m2

Project Features

  • Kenz House located in the heart of Marsa Alam, next to malls - steps away from the sea - and around it, the largest commercial malls in Marsa Alam.
  • Enjoys complete privacy and tranquility.
  • Managed by specialists in hotel management.
  • Distinctive architectural design.
  • Kenz House is an integrated hotel project located on the highest hill of Marsa Alam - where the hotel suites are very suitable for short and long term accommodations for individuals, couples and families.

The Design

  • Kenz House is a group of luxurious villas, designed in an elegant style with a swimming pool in the middle and contains hotel suites fully finished, and equipped with the modern electrical and hotel equipment.
  • Kenz House consists of 42 hotel suites, all of them are fully air-conditioned, with other features of privacy and high luxury.

Why investment with us in Kenz House?

  • Because we are the first company in Egypt who operate the global SAP system “Sharing & Investment Partner”
    It means that ownership of the smallest amount, the least effort and the achievement of fairy profits in the least time.
  • And that you enjoy investment and live in luxury and hotel services.
  • This system can only be done by large companies that have the huge ability to implement it.
  • In this system, the company leases the unit for the benefit of the customer who owns the unit with a binding lease contract that allows the customer to benefit from the largest monthly return through the lease contract.
  • - The client benefits by paying the installments due on him by renting his hotel
    suite for the company.
  • The SAP system ensures that the customer benefits from a high and distinct monthly income and a guaranteed investment for life.
  • The SAP system ensures that the unit value will rise evenly, by not less than 20%, and this percentage may increase with the increase in the rate of growth in tourism.
  • The SAP system ensures that the customer benefits from the highest price of the hotel suite if he wishes to resell the unit and thus has benefited from the difference in the unit price and the value of the installments that were paid through the unit lease.

Why invest with the Egyptian company?

  • ElMasreia Company is the first company to work in hotel investment in the city of Marsa Alam in 20 years ago.
  • ElMasreia Company is the largest hotel investment company in Marsa Alam.
  • ElMasreia Company is the only company that makes a hotel investment in the elite area of Marsa Alam city.

  • ElMasreia Company is the only company that operates the SAP system in Egypt.
  • Because ElMasreia Company chose the best locations for its hotels to achieve the highest return.
  • ElMasreia Company gives priority to working for it to its clients and their families in the company's various sites.
  • ElMasreia Company sells at less than 50% of the competitors.
  • ElMasreia Company builds, markets, sells and operates on its own.

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