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5000 m2

Project Description

The Kenzo Mall project

(The first integrated commercial and tour-istic center) is located on the streets No. 9 and No. 4 with a sea view.

- The mall is located in the heart of Marsa Alam city, inside the downtown, on a major road 300 meters wide, which is the interna-tional road and the vital artery of the city of Marsa Alam, which runs from Ain Sukhna Mara in Hurghada to the administrative bor-ders of the city.

It is also located on another main road com-ing from Luxor, 100 meters wide.
It is located on a high hill, 900 meters from the Red Sea coast.

- The mall's buildings extend over an area of (15000) square meters, and the mall's area is divided into three floors, ready for immediate delivery - The floor area (5000) square meters.

- The mall contains more than 160 shops, distributed over the three floors - basement, ground floor and the first (or ground, first and second); The areas range from 13 meters to 230 meters.

- Most shops enjoy the view of the external road and the internal lobby of the mall.

- The mall is finished with the highest finishing materials - The facades are of security glass and the entrances are in luxurious marble.

- The mall enjoys the availability of all services from:
* Central shower
* Internet
* 24-hour surveillance cameras
* Security and guarding
* Cleaning and maintenance.

- For the very distinguished mall location in the heart of Marsa Alam city it targets all resident citizens  families / managers, employees and workers of companies operating in mines and also targets visitors from tourists to the city, as well as visitors to hotels and neighboring tourist villages.

- You can start immediate management of your activity in the mall as a result of the immediate delivery of the place.

- Kenzo Mall has 4 entrances to facilitate the entry and exit process each entry is invalid on a different interface of the mall.

• At the beginning of the sale, the price per square meter was 5,000 pounds / now it reached 14,000 pounds / after the opening, the price is expected to reach 30,000 pounds.

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