Marsa Alam City


09 September 2019

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It is one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt, which is characterized by a strong tourist attraction thanks to its high-end hotels and resorts, which are among the best coastal hotels in Egypt.

The city was designed by the largest French company involved in city plan-ning so that the city of Marsa is a better science than the Italian city of Venice it-self.

The name Marsa Alam belongs to the word Marsa Al-Alam, and what is meant by science is the mountain where the re-gion is distinguished by being a high mountain – and from the presence of many picturesque tourist places, the city was named “Maldives Middle East” and “Maldives Red Sea” – and it is interna-tionally classified – This is because its beaches are similar to the Maldives.

The city of Marsa Alam is located on an area of 38,433 square km and extends for a length of 120 km on the coast of the Red Sea; It also rises from the sea surface 60 m.

• The Egyptian shooting club is located in Morsi Alam, and it has many rest houses and chalets located 135 kilometers south of Quseir. Marsa Alam has gained its great tourist fame from the nature of its beautiful beaches as well as the rich ma-rine waters in front of it, especially what is related to the sport of fishing – Marsa Alam is linked to the city of Edfu with a paved and paved road of 280 kilometers long.

• On the other side is the city of Marsa Alam, 274 km south of Hurghada, which is considered a service center for mining missions and now it has begun to turn into one of the largest tourist cities, due to the beauty of its clear beaches, coral reefs and rare fish.

Marsa Alam gained its fascinating tour-ism fame from the nature of its beautiful beaches, as well as the rich marine wa-ters in front of it, especially those related to fishing – The city of Marsa Alam is fa-mous for its many beaches and interna-tional tourist attractions, including what is ranked among the best in the world

The beaches of Marsa Alam city have been classified as one of the most popu-lar tourist attractions for travelers. There are some of these beaches that ranked third in the top 10 beaches in the Middle East. It is also ranked 13th in the Assis-tant Options menu, according to Trip Advisor.

Marsa Alam contains two main villages: –

1) Berenice Village: It is a small town 178 kilometers south of Quseir. It is one of the best places for medical tourism.

2) Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazly village: It has a well-known Islamic center.

There are new ideas that will be imple-mented for the first time in the city, such as:

  • Flying Taxi
  • Underwater restaurants