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Project Description

Marsa Beach project

Now everyone can enjoy true luxury!
‐ Morsi Beach is a global tourist resort within the city of Marsa Alam, embodying all aspects of luxury and luxury without borders. Architectural design in European style.
‐ Swimming pools and stunning nature, allowing you the ultimate in relaxation.
Aqua Park is equipped with the latest water games in the world.

It is the newest project of the company in the city of magic and beauty  the city of Marsa Alam; It is an integrated hotel project in the full sense of the word, which
makes it the best hotel project not only in the city of Marsa Alam, but on the level of all parts of the Republic.
It is a hotel project designed to keep pace with modern architecture techniques; Where the integration of architecture with the art of sculpture, and this is evident through the facades and bright spaces that allow light to shine on the buildings.

‐ The location is very special, as it is located near Al‐Kharafi Street and near the tourist walk of the city, with a direct sea view.

The project is located in the heart of Marsa Alam city, "Elite Zone" ‐ at a height of 200 m from the sea, to amaze you with wonderful views of the most beautiful beaches of the city of Marsa Alam, "Maldives Egypt". It is characterized by its unique location on the most beautiful walk on the sea, and behind it is the first commercial and tourist center in Marsa Alam "Kenzo Mall".

The project includes hotel units consisting of royal suites and hotel apartments, and it enjoys many integrated leisure and service activities, including:

  • Swimming pools
  • Jim
  • Restaurants
  • And other services that meet different needs of full residency.

- The Royal Suite
Here the owner enjoys a short stay inside a royal suite ‐ which is suitable for individuals, newlyweds or small families and here the owner deals with the hotel restaurant.

‐ The Apartment Hotel
Here the owner or guest enjoys a fully equipped hotel apartment ‐ suitable for long‐term accommodation ‐ consisting of two bedrooms, a sitting room, a kitchen
and a bathroom; It has privacy and spacious space ‐ very suitable for large families.

Landlords or inmates can count on themselves to prepare food.
‐ Various types of offers are offered at Marsa Beach Hotel.

We also offer great packages with different values and other discounts.
‐ Architectural design in European style Swimming pools and stunning nature allowing you the utmost relaxation Aqua Park is equipped with the latest water
games in the world.

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